Happy New Year Wisconsin!

2021 IS HERE! Happy New Year from the Heindl’s! Cheers to YOU!

This year was SOOOO tough! But it also made me stronger!

My family is healthy. I learned to control the controllables, not consistently yet but I learned! I learned to love myself for who I am. I have been working on that one for as long as I can remember. I also took a risk and built our website and started this blog. With the help of my husband of course.

This year is going to be glorious and full of adventure! I can’t wait to spend more time with my family. I get to plan a trip with my mom, maybe even two. We are also in the thick of planning our week in the Northwoods this summer. Last night we even talked about moving up our official move timeline.

I am going to make a list and check it ALL off this year. This list is going to have NOTHING to do with my day job!

This weekend we are going to take you to two of our favorite places: Boulder Lake and the second is a surprise!

I am worth investing in. I am worthy. I am going to live happy, live outside, and live peacefully even if it kills me. I am learning every day to do less and live more.

I send you peace, love, happiness, and the courage to live your dream. The courage to take a risk and the courage to fail. I send you hope, good health, and the courage to fall down. Scrape your knees, dust yourself off, and get up again for you and no one else!

Greatness is coming your way in 2021 if you BELIEVE in YOU!


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Happy New Year Wisconsin!

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