“The Glue!”

Cletus Carter Kitty our Glue and Savior!

Who is the glue? The glue is our orange tabby kitty Cletus Carter. The joy of our lives. He is the second oldest of our pride. “The King”, Kitty Wompus, passed this past March just 2 weeks into quarantine. He was my first cat. He was my life. He was 17 years young and crossed the rainbow bridge in the front seat of my Jeep in H’s arms while I was driving well over 70 MPH on a dark country road trying to get back to the valley emergency clinic to save him. Half way there we realized we wouldn’t make it and pulled over to be with him while he took his last few breaths. It was for sure one of the darkest hours of our marriage. He suffered from asthma his whole life and we both believe he picked up the virus. He took a dark turn just a few days prior.

Fearless Frank was the youngest. He passed over the rainbow bridge this past year also. He was sure not Fearless. He was a rescue also. We nicknamed him Big Papa because toward the end of his life that’s what he was. He loved his treats and he loved to eat and he became diabetic and it was just too much for his little kitty body to handle. He was the silliest and by far the most shy.

Cletus was also a rescue. He was left in an apartment with another kitten and found by a friend of ours. The kittens were left abandoned and locked inside for over a week. One of the kittens had a collar on his neck, and as you can imagine, he was in a lot of pain. They were maybe 8 weeks old and kitties grow so fast. Most of his fur and skin had grown over the collar and he was of course trying desperately to get it off. That little guy didn’t make it. But our “glue” did.

Our friend called and asked, “hey guys do you want to rescue another kitten?” Of course my first response was no. But H said come on lets go take a look. We walked in and he clung to H’s jacket with his claws like he was begging for life.

He loves the morning light and loves the camera!

He is the glue to our sanity now. He has a completely different personality since he lost his brothers this year. He is silly and sweet and talks all day and all night. Last night he matched my pitch as we sang to a new Netflix movie, “The Prom”. You ALL need to watch it.

He makes my darkest days light and my longest hours short. He follows me room to room, sits by the shower for me, sleeps wrapped around my head, and dries my tears.

We were never blessed with children but he, for sure, is a son to me. He makes me believe in magic and kindness and joy. He brings me to tears and he dries them.

The world is a better place when you have pets in it. There is nothing like the love from a furry friend. They are devoted upon measure and bring such joy. Losing them is like pulling your heart out with a butter knife and never placing it back. It takes years to get over the loss of a pet and some days I don’t know if I ever will. I block the memories sometimes just to get through the day. There loyalty and love more than make up for the pain you know you will eventually feel.

Merry Christmas from Cletus Carter, the most devoted orange tabby kitty alive. He wishes you all a good nap and all a good night!

He is thankful to be King if only for a while! He is 16 and hopes to live to 30!

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“The Glue!”

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