The feeling of HOME!

My mom’s famous cut out’s! Nothing in the world tastes better!

What makes you feel like home? Today my parents came to exchange gifts. We passed them back and forth in the driveway and then sat for an hour and talked in my cold garage.

My mom did all the traditional goodies: cutout’s, fudge, and chocolate covered pretzels. Every year we usually make them together over the Thanksgiving holidays listening to Michael Buble’. We would sing and drive my dad crazy. This year, as you all know, it’s different.

It feels more like Christmas to have the cookies in the house. Somehow I still can’t bring myself to eat one. They feel like this little basket of treasures in the kitchen that may suddenly poof and disappear. Not being able to spend the holidays with my family hasn’t really sunk in yet.

It’s not an option for us. What my husband and I do doesn’t allow us. We both deal with the public all day long. I know. I know, it is what it is… I knew today was coming but now as I sit here writing to you it feels so final. Christmas Eve is a week away and we will be alone. Don’t get me wrong I feel blessed to have everything we have. But to not spend it with my family is going to be so hard!

This will be the first Christmas in 47 years I won’t sit with my mom and sing at Christmas Eve service. Time is standing still and I have no idea how I am going to bring myself to eat these cookies. I had no idea that a cookie could mean so much.


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The feeling of HOME!

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