I collect coffee cups and this is my
favorite right now!

What does coffee mean to you?  My first cup of coffee in the morning is one of the best parts of my day.  Especially when I get to have it at home.  
This time of year we are all scrambling.  Work, errands, COVID LOL. We go back and forth and here and there.  Now we add additional errands, gifts for all, wrapping, finding the Christmas tree, shoveling, decorating, and making fancy cookies. The list is endless.  

I still find it super important and I always have a better day when I start it with my first cup with a dash of Baileys Irish Cream, light a candle, have the fireplace roaring, and a kitty on my lap.  Today I got to start off in the master amongst a mound of pillows, with the small Christmas tree lit, my hubby snoring by my side, and a kitty on the pillow next to me.  That to me is the meaning of being blessed!  Almost everyone I love the most in the same bed, wrapped in Sherpa and fleece while I am sipping my favorite cup of holiday cheer.  

If I get to enjoy a weekend off I love to watch Good Day Wisconsin while getting prepared for whatever adventures await. We plan our lists and plan our day.  It seems like I never get to watch the news anymore. I joked about watching Justin grow up on TV (he’s growing on me since the sprout of grey hair).  This morning was fun to watch a reporter report from the “snowtracker” a fresh coating of white on the ground.  I know I don’t do the shoveling so I shouldn’t say this but I DO LOVE THE SNOW.  It’s so pretty.  After looking at brown dirt and barren trees the snow makes everything look fresh and new and ready for the holiday.

If you get the time today take a second for yourself and enjoy a cup of holiday cheer, whatever style is your fav, and take it all in.  You made it this far in 2020 (that’s an accomplishment). The new year is right around the corner.  Congratulations on doing just that.  Count your blessings!  You have more than you think. Sometimes remembering what we have and not what we want is all it takes to start the day off right! Coffee cheers to all of YOU!  

Thanks for coming along I appreciate it more than you could ever know!!!!!!!!!!! 

  1. Jennifer Carli says:

    Coffee is key!! ☕️ Sounds counterintuitive since caffeine is involved but it calms me as I start my day! My Covid fave is Door County Coffee Frosted Cinnamon Bun for the morning and Vanilla Creme Brûlée for afternoon!

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