Sunday’s in December

Sleeping in, well sleeping past 7:30am, on Sunday morning and waking to the smell of coffee and a kitty head butting you for breakfast is the best feeling in the world.  Pouring the first cup and then realizing that you are out of creamer, not so much LOL.

Sunday afternoon Packer game December 2020

We ran so many errands yesterday that we didn’t need too much at the store today.  I LOVE WOODMAN’S.  It is so cheap and organized and they have such variety, even with a super bum leg today and feeling stiff as a board with the new wave of cold air and winter weather it still felt like a treat.  I am lucky that my husband has off on weekends and can do our grocery shopping, but sometimes it feels good to just get to go and make some frivolous food purchases.  It is the holiday season after all.

We came home to throw in some wash and then went upstairs to lay down on the freshly made bed with fresh linen’s.  I am super consistent in rewrapping the bed in fresh sheets every Sunday.  Crawling in after getting to lay down and talk for a few hours on our master king bed always feels so awesome.  That is my Sunday night treat.  Fresh clean sheets.  It makes the looming Monday morning that much easier.

Packers vs Lions December 2020

I begged him to stay and chill with me for an hour before heading out to the garage to get some work done and hoped to fall asleep, but spent the hour searching for our summer cabin rental while listening to him snore and my Carter purr.  

The ultimate comfort food= chicken pot pie!

Fresh, hot and bubbly chicken pot pie tastes amazing while watching the Packers take on the Lions.  Turning up the heat and listening to the radiators ting as they fill our old colonial with warm air has me covering up in a plaid blanket, lighting a candle and cheering on the Pack.  I think it’s time for a toast with an Old Fashioned as we watch the Pack win (hopefully) and get ready to finish off the second full week of December with a Christmas movie.

Christmas lights = JOY

The countdown is on and I couldn’t be more excited………….I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!  Screw YOU COVID-19……bring on presents, sparkle, carols and eggnog…….


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Sunday’s in December

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