Let there be light!!!

One of the most magical things about the Christmas season for me is making the dark light!

Let there be peace, joy and LIGHT!

The lights of the season, be it candles or actual Christmas lights, make the looming dark, or what can be a scariest time of day, bright and full of joy.

December 1974 the first Christmas Tree in our new home in Plymouth

The tradition of driving around looking at festive lights always brings back amazing memories for me.  As a child my father was “the KING” of the ride. (I know you’ve heard this before.) 

In the summertime he would get us up for a midnight cruise… (this actually happened almost always well before 10:00pm LOL). We would go in our pajamas and get an ice cream cone.  It was such a treat. 

Christmas Eve 1983

In the winter months driving around with my family looking at Christmas lights holds some of my most vivid memories.  The drive home Christmas Day from my fathers side of holiday traditions are some of the most vivid.  I remember it like it was yesterday, it almost seems like I can reach out and touch it.  

Christmas Eve 1977

My brother and I always took a pillow along in the  backseat when we would travel more than 30 minutes. It just seemed like the thing to do.  On Christmas Eve the car was filled with the scent of mom’s perfume, dad’s Old Spice, the leftover smells of coffee and Old Fashioned’s, and the sound of old school country music on the radio.  Kenny Rogers, Dolly Pardon, or Johnny Mathis would defiantly be playing on the radio. 

All of us would all be exhausted but no one, except maybe my brother; who was pretty little at the time, would nod off on the way home. I always remember feeling so blessed.  The car would be so warm and cozy and I could reach up and feel my mom’s fur coat. She would always take my hand and squeeze it.  My dad would be super focused on the road because we all know the ride home on a dark country road runs the risk of hitting a deer. I would be trying to decide on how late I was going to stay up and what lights I love the most on the over an hour drive.

Christmas Eve 1976

In church Christmas Eve the most beautiful display of candle light was my favorite during the singing of silent night. Everyone would come dressed in their finest.  I would always have a new velvet dress with white tights and black patent leather Mary Janes. 

My grandmother and mother would always wear their fur coats and black leather gloves to church Christmas Eve.  I always remember walking in and being so proud to sit between them.  They were, to me, the most beautiful women in the world, and to get to sing with them on Christmas Eve in a church filled with candlelight always seemed like a gift from God.  My grandmother sang alto. My mother soprano. I just would try to keep up.  On the way home I would sit in the middle of the backseat watching for the lights……..

Christmas Eve 2016

My husband and I visit the same tree every year in Green Bay along the river.  It’s dressed in primary colors and the most beautiful tree you have ever seen.  The family whose property it’s on must have it professionally dressed for the holidays because every year, it must be well over a hundred feet tall and perfectly lit. I can’t imagine how they would do that alone.  When we lived in town I would make a point every single day to look or sometimes take the time to stop and just bask in it’s glory or pray.

It’s funny how the flicker of a candle or the light from even the smallest light display makes you remember the meaning of the season.  The birth of Christ and the true meaning of Christmas give me hope that their will be brighter days ahead.  The hope that some day I can eat at the same table with my family and give my mom a hug.  The hope that I will see my grandparents again.  The hope that even though things can feel as dire as possible, the light of a single candle can bring joy and peace!


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Let there be light!!!

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