What inspires you? What gives you peace?

When I think about why I want to start this blog I wonder if it’s because I want to inspire myself. This crazy year, “2020 the year of Covid-19”, has been hard to handle for every single one of us regardless of who we are. How we live today has changed so much.

Being in the sunshine today has been amazing. It’s 68 in the Jeep. I should have taken the roof off to feel the sun and the warm breeze one more time before the snow comes…

It’s November 4th, I got up early this morning to listen to more of the voting results coming in. That was an adventure in and of it’s self. Blue, red, red or blue……. It’s hard to believe that the election is actually over. Thank the God’s, whoever you pray for! No more random phone calls at all hours of the day or text messages coming through at odd times. Irregardless of who you voted for I sure hope the winner will lead, because we have some serious work to do as a country. Helping us come together when we are more divided than ever will be one tough job.

What inspires me? How do I find peace?

Planning our trip up North next summer helps me get by and gives me something to look forward to. Planning some day trips. I’ve been digging through thousands of pictures that should hopefully give you ideas on places to go. Packing a small picnic lunch and wandering into the woods feels amazing. Even if it is just for an afternoon. Spending time in the forest hiking and photographing is very therapeutic.

Using the forest’s motivation to set new goals for yourself, your spouse, or for your children is very powerful. It’s getting out, being active, and smelling the fresh forest air that has been motivating me to figure out ways to live and adapt to times that are so different from last year. I am constantly searching and finding safe and healthy things to do.

We have been taking lots of rides this year in search of a road we have never been on or a park we have never hiked. We were always hoping to find a new place we love so much we want to go back. 2020 has brought back memories of the enjoyment my father has always had for “a ride.” He’s the king of a good ride. I swear he knows every single backroad in the state of Wisconsin. He knows their length, the best time of day to drive them, what season the scenery looks the best along them, and what supper clubs reside along them. He knows the best early bird special’s and knows sometimes you have to switch clubs to get a better ice cream drink on the way home. It’s crazy I think I’ve inherited all those traits.

We often head to locations like Waupaca, Door County, and Boulder Lake just to take a walk in the winter. It doesn’t matter if the snow is knee deep. It’s easy to be socially distant when there is no one around. It’s just you and the forest. Hiking, snowmobiling, skiing, and making the perfect cup of hot cocoa are just some of the things we plan to do to get through this long and particularly troubling winter.

What is next year going to be like? What are we learning from all this? If we don’t take a lesson away from Coronavirus then shame on us. I don’t know your answer. I want to spend more time with my family, appreciate them more, be active, eat well, get a lot of rest, and try to finally master the elusive skill of work / life balance. It’s a lot harder now. There isn’t nearly as much to do so I end up filling my free time working. Sometimes I feel like I work more when I’m not at work. That was something I wanted to change.

It comes down to a few basic things. Try to keep the negative out. Compartmentalize the issues and focus on the positive. As women we believe we are super multi-taskers. We may be able to do a lot of things at once but we sure struggle to do them all well. Every week is planned around our days off. How much can we accomplish in the 8-12 hours we get to live without work and still get well needed rest? Sometimes it just seems impossible to get everything done and still take care of yourself.

I want to share with you the places I go when I’m really down or the places I go when I just want to feel full, restored, and balanced. Places I go when I need to renew my soul. Some of them can only be visited in summer but others are year round spots. I am very fortunate I was raised in the woods and I never knew how much that affected me until I got older. Just being outside and listening to the trees helps me a lot.

What inspires you? What keeps you going? What brings you peace?


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